A wide range of classes on every day of the week!

Personal Training

Personal Trainers who specialise in fat loss, sport specific training, rehab and much more.

Online Programming

Individualised specific training programs sent to an app on your phone so you can train anywhere..

Sport Specific S&C

Individual or team sessions based at the gym focusing on your sporting goals!

Sport Science Support

Our sport scientists can work with you at your club to get the most from your training and prevent injuries.

Youth Athlete Training

Assessments of age & maturation allowing us to specifically support youth athlete through growth spurts!

Individual Profiling

Completely individual wholistic step-by-step assessment of your current physical abilities.

Team Testing

Full testing and reports - Speed, Power, Agility & Aerobic Capacity (Endurance).

Charity Fundraising

Every year we organise a large fundraising event for a charity chosen by our members!